My name's Ed.

I'm a geek. I live in Woking, but am actually from Bournemouth.


I like - Arch Linux, the CLI, gnuPG, privacy, rock music, comic books,
Pearl Jam, FreeBSD, Fedora, my kids, guitars, my Marshall rack,
feta cheese, Evan Dando, TOR, Neil Gaiman, RPGs, the Black Library.

I dislike - Chavs, people who don't read, manufactured pop,
cheap red wine, X-Factor and it's ilk, unnecessary bloatware, bad drivers,
dishonesty, generic superhero comics, the BNP, Free Software Extremists.


I work as a technical consultant for B2Net, which means I get to design
and build cool shit for people, mostly using NetApp filers and VMWare. I'm
NCDA, MCSA, CCNA, and working on getting NCIE:SAN and VCP5. I think my job's
pretty awesome.


gpg: 0x44E9752E


identica: @mo6020
linkedin: Ed Morgan
github: mo6020
flickr: NastyElves

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